Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bike, boat and ski mounts match the sleek, aerodynamic design of Whispbar's rack system.

BEAVERTON, Ore. (SEPTEMBER 1, 2012) –Yakima, the innovation leader in cargo management solutions, announces the launch of a full line of accessories for its award-winning Whispbar rack system. The new Whispbar ski, bike and boat mounts seamlessly integrate with the rack system, which has been recognized for its unparalleled sleek and aerodynamic design and enhances the overall vehicle appearance and performance.

"We are proud to offer the discerning consumer a complete Whispbar system for the ultimate cargo management experience," said Eric Roesinger, director of category and product management. "Whispbar racks were designed to seamlessly and beautifully integrate with the car and the Whispbar accessories are a natural extension of that design philosophy."

Added Bobbie Parisi, vice president of brand management, "This consumer knows that appropriately designed accessories complete a look. The Whispbar rack system and the new accessories do not compromise their desire for design aesthetics or performance, and takes their well-engineered, beautiful car to a new level of performance and style."

Like the Whispbar rack system, the Whispbar accessories are simple to install and securely mount in just seconds due to the innovative QuickDock technology. They can be just as easily removed when not in use.

Over the next year, Whispbar will rollout a full offering of snow, bike, boat, and cargo accessories. The first three mounts to launch are the WB300 snow mount for skis and snowboards, the WB200 bike fork mount, and two boat mounts: the WB400 kayak cradle and WB401 kayak saddle.



The aerodynamic WB300 snow mount offers a streamlined design that enhances the look of the car. Its versatile design and proprietary hinge system adjusts to accommodate everything from traditional skis to fat skis and snowboards, while maintaining a low profile.

The WB300 is easy install and use. It comes equipped with two types of attachment hardware: T-slot hardware for a seamless fit on the Whispbar roof rack system, and universal hardware for quick installation onto factory crossbars. It literally takes just minutes to go from box to fully installed and ready to use.

Its design is also focused on keeping expensive snow toys safe. The mount is engineered with an integrated lift mechanism that enables rooftop clearance for tall bindings and snowboards, and it comes with integrated SKS locks for total security.

Weight: 12 lbs.
Dimensions: 36" x 4" x 3"
Capacity: 6 pairs of skis or 4 snow boards
MSRP: $249
Available: November 2012


The WB200 bike fork mount offers a premium way to transport road and mountain bikes on the top of the car. Its sleek design is engineered to seamlessly integrate with the roof rack, adding a refined yet sporty aesthetic to the car.

Looking beyond its beauty, the WB200 also offers innovative design features. It is the only fork mount in the world that accommodates standard nine- and 15-millimeter through-axle forks without adapters.

The WB200's QuickDock technology enables the easiest installation of any mounts on the market with its T-slot design. It can also be installed on Yakima's round or square crossbars with included adapter. Finally, the SKS lock provides premium security, locking the bike to the mount and the mount to the roof rack.

Weight: 8 lbs.
Dimensions: 59" x 8" x 5"
Capacity: One bike without front wheel (maximum weight: 37.5lbs)
MSRP: $249
Available: March 2013


The WB400 is the sleekest kayak cradle ever to hit the market. A complete cradle system, it features slide-out loading arms for effortless loading from the side. Through this innovative design, the WB400 saves valuable crossbar space so that two kayaks can easily fit on the car.

Like the other accessories, the WB400 can be easily installed or removed from T-slot bars through its QuickDock technology. The mount also works with Yakima's round or square crossbars with included adapter. An SKS lock is included for securely locking the kayak mount to the roof rack.

Weight: 20 lbs.
Capacity: One kayak per mount
MSRP: $249
Available: March 2013



This premium kayak saddle with load assist has been expertly crafted to enable paddlers to effortlessly load their kayaks to the car roof in two different ways. The integrated rollers make loading from the rear of the car quick and simple, while the integrated fold- down wings provide for easy side-loading. The entire mount is fully padded to prevent any scratching.

The WB401 can be easily installed or removed from T-slot bars through its QuickDock technology. The mount also works with Yakima¬źs round or square bars through included adapter. An SKS lock is included for securely locking the kayak mount to the roof rack.

Weight: 12 lbs.
Capacity: One kayak per mount (complete set of two saddles)
MSRP: $249
Available: March 2013

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